How to Appreciate Abstract Oil Painting Art

First, according to the schema standard, there are two angles to divide the boundary between hot generality and cold abstraction, and second, according to the color specification. It is called thermal abstraction. The schema is more rigorous, rational and calm, and the schema is a more lively, free, random, enthusiastic and dynamic rhythmic general picture. A clear pattern rule is called cold abstraction. The colors are bright and bright. They are distinguished from each other in terms of color. The hot abstraction confronts the strong visual impact, while the cold abstraction is called the cold abstraction with the black, grey and blue tones. Hot generality is also called free generality and Lyric abstraction. Cold generality is also called politeness generality or geometry generality.

1. The method is self-reliant. The method of self-reliant visual existence is a method of choosing a blind objective existence without relying on social thought and politics.

2. The method is a free and changeable method, which shows the infinite change of method. The combination of methods is infinite, which makes general art the biggest interest.

3. The method is easy to play. The way is easy and the way to play is a game. No contempt and prejudice, no mood, no arrogance, and loss. The gameplay of methods makes them meaningful. The method is eternal. The universe is the greatest method.

4. The method of eternity is the extension of the universe. Microcosmic methods show that the universe is sensitive to subtlety and novelty, and exploring the subtlety of the universe has become a pleasure in human life. General art is the only way that human beings can be integrated into the universe and invented, and it is also the only acknowledged extension of the universe.

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Therefore, how to evaluate the value of general art, general art because of the changeability and uncertainty of evaluation criteria. It has become a more difficult problem. In fact, at the beginning of its birth, modern art was not admitted or even destroyed by the mainstream art at that time, but eventually, modern art became popular, and it was in a trance with the development of social civilization and ideas because every little norm did not conform. The cognitive level of the works is not the same. The criterion of evaluating the value of a work is in a severe sense. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art, Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

The first meaning of originality is to create a new artistic schema. Originality is not the meaning of the original. For classicism, Impressionism is the original, Cubism is the original, beast is the original, super-practice is the original, and general painting is the original.

The original concept is that the schema is incompatible, the same thing in a faction. Maybe the theme and style are not the same. In general painting, Kandis set is original, Mondrian is original, Bollock is original, each small painting style is not compatible, the greater the distance between the incompatible, the purer the original method, the higher the value of the original. The original works must also be aesthetic, so-called aestheticism is an aesthetic idea.

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The second is that a painting must be beautiful, that is, it can bring pleasure to people's aesthetics, care to live and bless the future. Beauty does not refer to a single aesthetic orientation, but to the essence of art. Aestheticism is not for beauty, beauty is a variety of beauty, beauty is balanced, coordinated, methodical meaning, harmony, together. Beauty is implicit, heroic, enthusiastic, calm, energetic and rugged. Aestheticism is life compatible with humanity.

Therefore, the aestheticism of humanity shows people's yearning for the beauty of life. People's minds always hope to have a healthy, happy and auspicious Chengping life. People are always willing to be intoxicated with the harmony and romance of the petty bourgeoisie, rather than to be unhappy or miserable early in life shooting. In fact, the tragic nature of life is that everyone knows the reality and never needs to be reminded. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

In the design of a small bedroom, it is very necessary to think carefully, not only to meet the needs of daily life, but also to meet the style of the entire home. in order to make our small bedroom look brighter and more spacious. The small bedroom space is originally a relatively small room type, can be installed together with the study, the study space and bedroom space are combined into one, the small bedroom is used in multiple ways, and the wall is used to make storage functions. At the same time, it effectively saves space. It also makes the entire bedroom look larger and more practical.

In the small bedroom decoration, the bedroom wall must be as bright and tidy as possible, this is to highlight the bedroom in the visual sense of spacious space, you must choose bright colors or warm colors, remember not to use dark color wallpaper for wall decoration, so that not only make it does not look bright, but also allows The whole room looks very depressed, so we must pay more attention to the decoration of the small bedroom wall.

Since the bedroom is small, when choosing furniture, we must pay special attention to the small space must choose simple and practical, the biggest furniture in the bedroom is the bed, so the choice of the bed must choose the bed that covers an area is not too large.
The design style of the small bedroom should be simple and clear, not too complicated, the small bedroom in the choice of decoration style is more modern large wall art ideas and simple style, so that the bedroom is easy to clean and tidy in the latter period of living, the space is small will be more able to adapt to the needs of daily life, do not blindly choose their favorite style simple and generous is the focus of decorating the small bedroom. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.